Action week about information

INFORMING: Julie McNeil, left, Lynette Bullen and Kerryn Griffin staffed an information display at Centrelink yesterday for Drug and Alcohol Action Week. Photo: JUDE KEOGHAN information display was set up at Centrelink yesterday to mark the beginning of national Drug and Alcohol Action Week.
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Representatives from the Lyndon Withdrawal Unit, the Magistrates for Early Referral Into Treatment (MERIT) program and Kite Street Community Health informed Orange residents about the city’s drug and alcohol programs.

“It’s all about bringing our programs out to the community. The Lyndon unit is the only detox unit west of the Blue Mountains,” said Lyndon Withdrawal Unit drugs and alcohol counsellor Lynette Bullen.

“I think it’s extremely important to let people know what programs are out there and what certain substances are doing to us. We don’t want to hound people today, it’s just a nice and relaxed way to get the information across.”

MERIT case worker Julie McNeil promoted MERIT’s positive role in helping offenders with drug and alcohol problems.

“MERIT is aimed at getting people out of the criminal justice system and into help, so they can get their lives back together,” she said.

Community Health drug and alcohol counsellor Kerryn Griffin said she wanted to publicise the centre’s drug and alcohol helpline.

“We want people experiencing problems with drugs and alcohol to call 1300 887 000,” she said.

“When they call they will receive an assessment and be referred to the most appropriate service for them.”

Ms Bullen, Ms McNeil and Ms Griffin agreed that alcohol was the most commonly abused substance in Orange.

“People don’t realise that alcohol is the main killer, through binge-drinking and the likelihood of accidents,” Ms McNeil said.

This article first appeared in Hangzhou Night Net.

Civic plan go ahead

NOT FOR SALE … YET: Cr Pam Ryan argued that connecting the sale of the Function Centre to refurbishment of the civic precinct was “putting the cart before the horse”. Photo: BETHANY HALLORANGE City Council will push ahead with a plan to redevelop the Civic Square but the sale of the Function Centre has been taken off the agenda in the short term.
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Last week’s council meeting voted to develop a five-year master plan for the block bounded by Lords Place and Byng, Peisley and March streets. The plan will look at consolidating council services to the civic precinct and to provide space for growth.

Support for the master plan killed off a $633,800 proposal to refurbish the council chamber and associated administration areas.

About $100,000 of that will be used almost immediately to convert two committee rooms into office space and $300,000 will employ additional planning staff to deal with increased development activity. The funds will also be used to develop the master plan.

A report by general manager Allen Dwyer was tabled at Thursday night’s meeting.

“Council should be considering, say a five year plan to create a Civic Square precinct and consolidate operations for the next 30 years,” it said.

Cr Pam Ryan told the meeting that including the sale of the Function Centre and council buildings in Kite Street in the development of the master plan was “putting the cart before the horse”.

She said the development of the master plan should determine what was needed in the civic precinct redevelopment.

Cr Jeremy Buckingham said a master plan was a good idea but the sale of the Function Centre should be dealt with as a separate matter.

While a reference to selling the Function Centre was removed from the master plan investigation, general manager Allen Dwyer told the meeting the sale was pivotal to future expansion.

He said without selling the Function Centre and Kite Street buildings, council would need to win Tatts Lotto for the Civic Square redevelopment to go ahead.

Mr Dwyer said the intention was to retain the Function Centre until there was a suitable replacement.

Cr John Miller told the meeting the Function Centre was outdated and had become a burden on the council and community.

“The key here is that we are looking to replace the Function Centre with something that is more workable,” he said.

Cr Dick Niven said the Function Centre was built 40 years ago as a result of a great community effort.

“[But] it’s outlived its original purpose. It was a great thing. Amoco contributed to it, the Tilston family, the Glenroi people and a great number of people contributed … But we mustn’t have this attitude that it is there forever,” he said.

Cr Niven agreed the sale reference could be removed from the formal recommendation but council staff should not be forbidden from including the sell off in a master plan investigation.

Cr Niven also said the addition of a third floor should be part of the investigation.

“I can recall the time in 1976 when this [Civic Centre] was being built. Kell and Rigby were the contractors and the council at the time had absolutely stretched their budget as far as they could.

“Kell and Rigby were on site and said ‘for another $200,000 we can put the third storey on’. But council couldn’t stretch any further … It could be a solution now,” he said.

This article first appeared in Hangzhou Night Net.

Keeping up with kids no easy task

Tuesday, June 22, 2004
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CABONNE Council received seven letters from students in recent weeks.

The year 9 students from Molong Central School are learning about government and community action.

The letters all expressed a similar sentiment – the students were concerned about a lack of activities for young people in their local communities.

Suggestions for possible solutions to the problem included a heated pool, skate park, cinema, more discos, a youth centre with a games room, cycle paths and more sports events.

Some of the suggestions fall well outside the council’s jurisdiction – for example, it is not for the council to organise local sporting activities, build cinemas or run youth discos.

However, it is certainly within council’s capabilities to help fund and develop infrastructure such as skate parks and cycle paths. The question for the council to consider is – can the development of these sorts of facilities be justified, given they will cost tens of thousands of dollars?

The council has decided to undertake a review of the needs of the youth within the shire. It will consult with young people at community meetings and organise visits to the shire’s 18 schools.

Mayor John Farr observed that times had changed and the needs of young people had changed too. He said our young people were a product of a computer age and many were no longer satisfied with activities previous generations enjoyed.

Cr Peter Carman said the needs of youth appeared to be cyclical and the length of the cycles getting shorter – they were constantly needing something new to keep them entertained.

The council has adopted a sound course in undertaking the review. But as all 12 councillors recognised yesterday – it will not be easy.

This article first appeared in Hangzhou Night Net.

Residents favour the classics at our theatre

When it comes to the arts, the Orange community loves the classics.
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Opera, ballet and classical music took the top three spots for the most popular shows performed at Orange Civic Theatre in the last financial year.

In August, productions of The Nutcracker and La Boheme sold out, as attendance figures for the ballet and opera reached 1487 and 495 respectively.

Orange City Council events manager Michelle Pearce said classic shows always attracted a good crowd; the theatre tries to secure these shows as often as they are available for this reason.

“We try hard to offer as many kinds of shows as we can to get people into the theatre. We try to get the classics, but at the same time we try to get alternative things like The Underpants, which was fantastic, or Virtually Richard 3 which was modern dance,” she said.

“It’s important for us to offer that mix.”

Attendance at the Bell Shakespeare production Virtually Richard 3 was by far the poorest, as just 25 per cent of tickets were sold to 243 people.

The figures shown in the table above reflect the performance of the entrepreneured shows; productions the Orange Civic Theatre buys and is then responsible for the resulting surplus or loss the show incurs.

It does not include productions that are already financed and rent the theatre space, like those put on by the Orange Theatre Company.

This article first appeared in Hangzhou Night Net.

Calls for cafes to open weekends

CAPPUCCINO BOOST FOR TOURISM: Angelique Norman of ‘Time Out For Coffee’ in Summer Street, which is open on the weekend. Photo: JUDE KEOGHORANGE needs more cafes open on Saturday afternoon and Sunday, two business community representatives have said.
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Orange Chamber of Commerce president Ellie Brown said cafes with longer opening hours would be good for Orange’s tourism.

“A lot of people come here and expect a certain level of service and things to be open. They are used to Sydney cafes being open all the time,” she said.

She said higher wages for staff were an obstacle to many cafes opening longer.

She said it was possible for people to find alternatives to CBD cafes on Saturday and Sunday, such as the Lakeside Cafe at Lake Canobolas and cafes in Orange’s shopping centres.

FOOD Week coordinator Gordon Muir said Orange needed CBD cafes to open longer because it had become a multicultural city.

“The times are changing and we have to change with them. It’s hard to say to café owners that they must open 24-7, but it would be great if they did,” he said.

He said the question of cafes extending their hours was periodically discussed, but wages and rostering problems were major disincentives for cafe owners.

‘Time Out For Coffee’ owner Cheryl Osborne said her cafe in Summer Street had opened on Saturday afternoon and Sunday for more than three years.

“We’ve debated a few times whether we’ll stick with it. It’s a bit up and down, because if the weather is cold Summer Street is empty,” she said.

She said she would continue with the opening hours she was committed to, but was unsure whether there was a market for more CBD cafes with seven day trading.

“People want these things but they don’t always support them,” she said.

She said she had attracted some regular customers from people travelling through Orange.

This article first appeared in Hangzhou Night Net.

Boost for business

Owner of Baker Irrigation Michael Baker with Minister for Regional Development David Campbell in Orange yesterday. Photo: BETHANY HALLFUNDING grants of up to $75,000 were announced for local business initiatives yesterday, during a visit to Orange by the NSW Minister of Regional Development.
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David Campbell said $75,000 had been awarded to the Central West Regional Development Board to develop a regional engineering and trade related industry network.

The establishment of the network was recommended by a skills development project completed last year by Orange, Cabonne and Blayney councils.

“This is something I am particularly excited about,” Mr Campbell said.

“It shows there are strong growth prospects for the economy and demonstrates a real sense of confidence, because people are seeing there are opportunities here for investment in local business.”

Mr Campbell also announced financial assistance for two businesses to create new jobs, but would not reveal the amounts of funding administered.

Orange based Baker Irrigation will increase its staff from five to 14 over three years; the business itself has invested $200,000 in its expansion.

Hogan Electrics will also receive financial assistance to employ up to 25 staff.

The business has taken up a maintenance contract at Cadia Mine and another project at the Hyne Timber mill at Tumbarumba.

Mr Campbell said the expansion of local businesses sent a positive message to anyone considering establishing a business in the region.

“If people who are based here and know the place are confident enough to expand, that shows other people there are opportunities here,” he said.

“It’s not all doom and gloom, that’s the positive message here in Orange.”

Today the minister will visit Bathurst to announce an additional $6000 grant to help the Central West Regional Development Board to undertake market research.

This article first appeared in Hangzhou Night Net.

Keeping quiet on MPs’ pay rises

Tuesday, July 13, 2004
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JUDGING by the stealthy way the latest politicians’ pay rise was posted in the government gazette, voters could be excused for thinking pollies had something to hide.

A 3.9 per cent pay increase, linked automatically to pay rises for their federal counterparts, means that backbenchers like Member for Orange, Russell Turner, now earn a base salary of $106, 267.

Members of the Upper House earn the same, with ministers and chairmen of committees earning substantially more, with Premier Carr topping the wages bill at just over $250,000 a year.

Several readers of the Central Western Daily were asked on the weekend what they thought of the latest pay rise and there was a range of responses.

From “far too much” to the old “pay peanuts, get monkeys” argument, it was pretty clear that voters and tax payers will be as divided on this issue as any imaginable.

This explains why politicians’ pay increases are out of their hands, linked to decisions of the Commonwealth Remuneration Tribunal.

What this does not explain is why neither the State Government nor the Opposition is so keen to avoid any mention of the subject.

Our politicians are never short of a comment where other people’s pay rates are concerned, as the recent teachers’ pay claim demonstrated.

In fact most of our politicians are probably worth the salaries they earn; it is the electoral expenses, postage, and travel allowances which are misunderstood by the electorate and occasionally misused by some politicians.

After all, NSW politicians have a performance review every four years and failure could cost them their job. They are also open to public examination and criticism for every decision they make. They are as accountable as the people who pay them want to make them.

Hard working MPs put in long hours and deserve the pay rates they currently enjoy. The unproductive or ineffective should simply be sacked come election time.

This article first appeared in Hangzhou Night Net.

Marriage split

ON LINE FIRE: Greens candidate Jeremy Buckingham logs-on to Nationals candidate Robert Griffith’s web site. “I believe it borders on inciting violence against gays.” Photo BETHANY HALLTHE first volley in the battle for Calare has been fired with the Greens launching a stinging attack on National Party candidate for the seat Robert Griffith.
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Greens candidate for the Senate, Jeremy Buckingham claims Mr Griffith’s web site is discriminatory and anti-homosexual.

“This [web site] is total nonsense. It’s un-Australian. And I believe it borders on inciting violence against gays and it’s just paranoid to suggest that our community is being dominated by homosexual lobbyists,” he said.

Mr Griffith, a Baptist minister in Orange, dismissed the claims as emotive and groundless.

“The whole issue in terms of marriage has to be taken out of the discrimination debate because at the moment [the Greens] twist it emotively to being gay bashing and discriminating personally against persons who don’t have a heterosexual relationship,” Griffith said.

“It’s emotive nonsense. We are actually discriminating in favour of the vast majority of people who want to protect the institution and the foundation of our society.”

Mr Buckingham, an Orange City councillor, said he was yet to see any gay activists on the streets of Orange.

In May, Prime Minister John Howard’s announced the government would amend the Marriage Act to ban marriages between couples of the same sex.

A ban of gay marriages has been delayed, with the legislation to be considered by a Senate inquiry.

Greens candidate for Calare Stephen Nugent said the web site gave succour to anti-gay elements in society.

“I think it has the potential to insight hatred,” he said.

Mr Griffith’s web site said Australian values had been undermined, redefined, corrupted or replaced by a small minority of militant activists.

“[The activists] have intimidated, coerced and threatened everyone from the man and woman on the street, right through to State and Federal government leaders,” it said.

The comments appear on the web site under the heading “Issues”, where Mr Griffith airs his concerns about the recent debate on amendments to the Marriage Act of 1961.

The web site says when the act was created the society of the day would have found the idea that “same-sex partners could masquerade as real parents and be responsible for raising children as abhorrent to most people.”

“Now here we are over 40 years [on from the act] … in this new ‘enlightened’ age … fighting to save the institution of marriage and the God-ordained structure of families across our nation! How did this happen? How did we allow our nation to get to this point? In this age of ‘tolerance’ and political correctness … where real issues are overshadowed by anti-discrimination and anti-vilification laws, we are facing the very real threat of our whole nation being shaped by a few vocal minority groups,” it said.

“Is this personal discrimination against homosexual people? Absolutely not and that emotive argument needs to be refuted with all our might … I have enjoyed friendships with a number of homosexuals without condoning their lifestyle choice.”

Mr Buckingham said the web site was an attack on tolerance.

“He is saying we are too tolerant as a society. [But] it’s good we’re tolerant Australia is about a fair go for all; it doesn’t matter if you are Pakistani, gay or a lesbian or an Anglo Saxon white heterosexual.”

The web site also says: “We must be on guard against things which come to us under the banner of ‘enlightenment’ and ‘the new age of tolerance’, which are in fact inherently flawed and destructive to the very fabric of our society … traditional marriage between a man and a woman, is to our society, what oxygen is to our body.

“Let’s protect it at all costs … before it is too late and we face consequences in future generations which can and will bring this nation to its knees.”

Mr Griffith added he was pleased to see Mr Buckingham promoting his web site.

This article first appeared in Hangzhou Night Net.

CYMS lose ground

ONE-ON-ONE: Ex-Services Belinda Crich (right) challenges Parkes Angela Peisley in their Country Energy Western Premier League match on Saturday.Photo: BETHANY HALLHOCKEY
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ORANGE CYMS have slipped further out of semi-final contention after playing out a 1-all draw with Orange City in their women’s Country Energy Western Premier League match on Saturday.

CYMS are now in ninth place on 30 points, just six points behind fifth placed Kelso who jumped three places after beating Dubbo 4-0.

Dubbo and Souths are in equal sixth place on 34 points followed by Waratahs on 32 points.

Orange City dug deep in the second half of their local derby against CYMS to level the score at 1-all.

CYMS scored minutes before half-time through Bianca Priest to have a 1-0 lead but City came back in the second half when Sally Gosper slotted one in 17 minutes in.

City goalkeeper Karen Arnall played a good game as did her team-mates Laura Evans and Margaret Smith.

As well as scoring a goal Priest was one of CYMS’ best along with Annie Hope and Muriel Holmes.

Confederates further consolidated second place on the points table defeating Canobolas in their all-Orange match 2-0.

Confederates are on 48 points, equal with Lithgow, who have played one game more than their Orange rivals. Parkes are four points away third, with St Pat’s runaway leaders on 62 points.

Vicki Reddan scored Confederates’ first goal against Canobolas three minutes before half-time and then Tegan Kelly scored their second only a minute into the second half.

Jessica Gibson, Alison Eslick and Joanne McRae all played well for Confederates.

Karen Fieldus, Rebecca Manual and Cassandra Hill were Canobolas’ best.

Ex Services may have played at home but they couldn’t grab the win with Parkes getting on top 4-1.

Parkes scored two goals late in the first half through Lauren Dellaca and Wendy Hunt to have a 2-0 lead at half-time.

Ex-Services scored early in the second half through Leanne Kennewell which kept them in the game but Parkes scored a further two goals just before full-time.

Janelle Thompson and Cherie Johnstone both scored to give Parkes the 4-1 win.

Ex-Services had some excellent players on the field including Sharna Lord, Jade Warrender, Alison Goodlock and Rebecka Davis but Parkes were too strong.

In other matches Kelso defeated Dubbo 4-0, St Pat’s won a tight 1-0 game over Souths and Waratahs went down 3-1 to Lithgow, who backed up yesterday to beat Dubbo 3-1 in a match brought forward from July 24.

The women’s competition will have a general bye next weekend for the NSW under 18 championships in Illawarra. Following that there are only five rounds before the semi-finals start.

This article first appeared in Hangzhou Night Net.

Drawn out affair between ‘Feds and Magpies

ON THE MOVE: Confederates’ Chris Pearson takes the ball towards Parkes’ Laurie Wakefield in the Country Energy Western Premier League match which they drew 1-all. Photo: BETHANY HALLHOCKEY
HangZhou Night Net

AFTER just 12 minutes the scores were locked at 1-all between Confederates and Parkes in Saturday’s men’s Country Energy Western Premier League match and that’s where they stayed.

Parkes were first to score after seven minutes when Graeme Tanswell slipped one past Confederates keeper Rob Whitmill.

Five minutes later Confederates captain Daniel Carter charged forward and put Parkes keeper Tim Cooke off balance before sliding it into the back of the goal.

From then on both sides’ defence held out and the attack was not able to get through.

“It was a bit scrappy,” Confederates keeper Rob Whitmill said of the match. “It was good to come away with a draw but I think we needed the win.

“We had our chances but we just couldn’t put them away. I think we were trying to rush a bit. When we know we had to score we would rush and miss it. We played well in defence which was good.”

Whitmill said ‘Feds’ experienced players worked hard and showed their skills during the game.

“Rob Foxall and Stu Milne played well together,” he said.

“They’ve been playing together for years and it showed. They made some good opportunities but we weren’t able to finish them off.”

The draw pushes Confederates into equal fourth place with Orange CYMS on 16 points, just two points ahead of Parkes and 16 points behind third-placed St Pat’s.

In other matches Lithgow were too good for CYMS winning 7-1.

Hugh Brown scored CYMS’ lone goal while Travis Cameron and Michael Charlton both scored a double for Lithgow.

CYMS are still in the box seat to grab fourth spot before the draw splits after round 17 next Saturday.

CYMS, who are away to last placed Dubbo, have a better for-and-against than Confederates, who can’t improve their position as they have the bye.

Saturday’s match between St Pat’s and Dubbo was deferred.

This article first appeared in Hangzhou Night Net.

Workies make a point

HangZhou Night Net

IT was another dark day for Orange Hawks when they travelled to Lithgow yesterday to take on Lithgow Workmens Club.

Hawks’ three sides conceded 163 points to 48 with their premier division side going down 52-28, first division 61-16 and under 18s 50-4.

The Wolves’ big day was soured with the injury to premier division half Mick Case who was stretchered off with a broken ankle with six minutes left to play.

The tough little half back was having a great day and had already scored a try and kicked five goals – a number from the sideline.

Hawks could not have asked for a better opening when Tom Kennedy went in out wide and Todd Barrow kicking a towering conversion from the sideline to lead 6-0.

But that was all the joy they would experience with the Wolves clicking into gear to run in seven first half tries to Steve Muldoon, Archie Ikihele (2), Ben Lane, Gary Osborne, Brendon Van Veen and Mick Case to lead 38-6 lead at the break.

The Wolves started the second half like they ended the first with another try to Kip Maranda to push the score on to 42-6, but from then on they seemed to lose concentration.

Half Jason Nunan was sent to the sin-bin after the Wolves had been penalised for repeated infringements with Hawks taking advantage of the man down to run in two tries.

The first went to five-eighth James Mortimer and the second from an intercept by Kennedy who showed good pace to sprint 85 metres to score.

Both tries were converted by Steve Lane to cut the Wolves’ lead to 42-18.

Defence at this stage had gone out the window with both sides happy to throw the ball around like a game of tag.

Wolves scored through Trent MacDonald with Hawks answering with a Dale Watson try after a great run by under 18 replacement Keiran Copeland.

With light fading and time running out Johnathon Van Veen went in for the Wolves’ last try while Hawks’ James Mortimer scored on the bell.

Tom Kennedy, Dale Watson and Ben Murphy were best in a disappointing effort by the Hawks.

This article first appeared in Hangzhou Night Net.

Room to improve but Lions march on

CHARGING: Orange City prop James Cameron tries to avoid the USO defence in their Blowes Menswear Cup match at Waratah Sports Ground on Saturday. City were clear winners 27-0. Photo: ADAM TUDOR 0710rugby1RUGBY UNION
HangZhou Night Net

ORANGE City recorded their fifth straight Blowes Menswear Cup win beating University of Sydney, Orange 27-0 on Saturday.

City also earned the bonus point running in four unanswered tries, however coach David Blunt said it wasn’t the side’s best performance.

“We gave away too many silly penalties,” Blunt said.

“A lot of the things we did well. The scrums were good again and the rolling mauls were good, but not used often enough probably.”

Blunt also said the side’s ball handling had let them down the last two weeks and this problem continued against the Aggies on Saturday.

He said this problem would have to be stamped out before they play sides such as Emus and Forbes who would punish them for those mistakes.

Blunt was happy with the side’s defence which kept their opposition scoreless.

“Defence was a big plus,” he said.

“We had a fair few penalties against us and lot of pressure and were still able to keep the score to nil and that was the most pleasing aspect of the whole thing. Defence is pretty good at this stage.”

USO struggled for numbers due to holidays but worked hard.

Aggies captain Hugh Gardiner was disappointed with the result and frustrated with the overall game.

“The bounce of the ball didn’t go our way, a lot of decisions didn’t go our way,” Gardiner said.

“I thought there was a lot of stuff off the ball that went unnoticed.”

Gardiner was happy with the players who filled in which included the side’s coach Angus Baldwin who pulled on the boots and played at fly half.

Both sides played a messy first half but City scored two tries through flanker John Gander and second rower Matt McCarthy after good build-up from the forwards.

City led 10-0 at half-time but didn’t get the start they wanted in the second half when John Gander was sin-binned from the kick off for tackling a player in the air.

USO created opportunities when they went to their backs and used their speed but often a dropped ball or poor pass brought them undone.

A Ben McApline penalty goal for City made it 13-0 in the second half and when hooker Josh Tremain pushed his way over the line the score jumped to 20-0.

City fly-half Simon Livingstone put the win beyond doubt when he won the foot race to score in the right hand corner from a McAlpine grubber.

Blunt said McAlpine was one of City’s best along with number eight Dom Westgeest and hooker Tremain.

USO fullback Graham Hardie worked hard along with forwards Shannon Thomas and Paul Ringland and scrum half Sandy Middleton.

Gardiner said USO’s bye next week would be welcomed.

“There’s plenty of room for improvement,” Gardiner said.

“We’ve got another week off which is good. It helps in the holidays. We can only hope to consolidate because I know we’ve got a big weekend in a fortnight’s time… with any luck we can step up and put a good win on the board against Parkes in a few grades.”

Orange City plays Mudgee next week where they will aim to continue their winning form and grab another bonus point.

The Lions have climbed to just three points outside the top five and are only seven points from third placd Emus.

ORANGE CITY 27 (John Gander, Matt McCarthy, Josh Tremain, Simon Livingstone tries, Ben McAlpine penalty goal, 2 conversions) def USO 0.

This article first appeared in Hangzhou Night Net.

Glenroi not trouble spot say residents

GOOD PEOPLE: Kurim Supermarket, proprietor Mick Selwood … “It’s no worse than anywhere else but if something goes wrong people go ‘aw yeah Glenroi’.” Photo: JUDE KEOGHGLENROI should not be labelled a trouble spot because of yesterday’s shooting, Mick Selwood said yesterday.
HangZhou Night Net

Mr Selwood is the proprietor of the Kurim Supermarket, which is located a couple of streets away from the scene of an alleged brawl that led to the shooting in South Terrace.

Mr Selwood said residents in other parts of the city regularly labelled Glenroi as a trouble spot but it was a judgment made through ignorance.

“They should come over and have a look. Most of the people around here are good people. It’s no worse than anywhere else but if something goes wrong people go ‘Oh yeah, Glenroi’,” he said.

He said Glenroi people got on with their lives.

“Nothing much has happened in the last 12 months. We were shocked,” he said.

A resident from near where the shooting took place said South Terrace was “mostly pretty quiet”.

“Once every blue moon you get a blue like that,” he said.

He asked not be named.

Several other residents approached by the Central Western Daily also said most of the residents were raising families and going about the business.

“There are a few bad eggs but you get them anywhere,” said one resident, who also asked not to named.

This article first appeared in Hangzhou Night Net.